Todas as carciniculturas na Índia pararão temporariamente em fevereiro de 2014

In order to prevent and control the spread of early mortality syndrome (EMS) at shrimp farms and hatcheries in India, The Marine Products Export Development Authority in Panampilly Nagar, Kochi, India—after detailed discussions with scientific advisors and all stakeholders—has come to the conclusion that it is essential to take the following steps immediately.
1. Inspect and test all feeds, broodstock, nauplii, postlarvae and probiotics at hatcheries.
2. Inspect and test shrimp from farms and peeling sheds.
3. Inspect shrimp purchase, sale, transport and import documents at farms, hatcheries
and peeling sheds.
4. Confiscate and destroy shrimp when required at hatcheries farms and peeling sheds.
5. Close hatcheries that source broodstock (Penaeus vannamei) from unapproved sources
and destroy their broodstock.
6. Close facilities that have not been approved to produce broodstock and destroy their broodstock.
7. Disinfect contaminated water at hatcheries and farms.
8. Enforce a crop holiday by all stakeholders. No ponds will be stocked and no seedstock
will be produced after November 2013.
9. Inspect specified zones from time to time.

MPEDA is empowered to take the above actions under the MPEDA Act 1972. Leena Nair, MEPDA Chairman, writes: “Therefore exercising the powers given to the Chairman…I authorize the performance of all of the above.”

Source: The Website of the Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA). Additional Measures Specified Under the MMPEDA Act 1972 and Rules Thereunder for Preventing Spreading of EMS and Delegation of Powers for Implementing. [If the previous link does not work, goMPEDA’s website and look for the News and Events tab on the right side of the screen. Currently the EMS report is is the first story to scroll by. If you miss it wait for the list to repeat itself. The search engine on MPEDA’s site does not appear to be working.] Leena Nair, Chairman. No:1/4/Co-ord/2013/HO. Office Order Part-I. No.11/2013-14. November 21, 2013.